‘People matter’ lies at the heart of Vickers Oils

Giving a helping hand.

Once again, the team at Vickers Oils demonstrates the fundamental company value ‘People matter’ by working together to help a customer achieve successful results during these unprecedented times.

It started with an online enquiry for anti-static carding lubricant from a business setting up their small-scale mill to process alpaca fibre in Tasmania.

Like many companies, the customer’s ongoing accommodation business was affected due to the current COVID-19 lockdown. The customer took this as an opportunity to utilise their knowledge, resources at hand and experience as a research scientist, to set up a small-scale alpaca carding mill for local craft hobbyists as craft spinning and weaving is highly popular in Tasmania.

Not having much industry experience in the field and due to a shortage of availability of suitable lubricant locally, the customer decided to get in touch with us for technical advice.

As carding alpaca fibres is similar to processing lambswool and cashmere fibres, our technical service team suggested the use of YARNOL FF lubricant from our textile range.

YARNOL FF is a mineral based oil for woollen carding & spinning of weaving & knitting yarns. It provides good carding and spinning performance with high yields and level yarns. Also, it is readily washed off in a mild cool (30C) scour and controls the yarn friction and the fly (antistatic properties of the oil).

Although YARNOL FF was the suitable product for the application but the initial volumes required by the customer did not meet our minimum order quantity requirement.

However, as a gesture of goodwill the decision was made by the team to not only send this order as a sample, free of charge but also cover the delivery cost for the customer. As a mark of appreciation, the customer, in return, decided to share with us their experience and results of the trial to help our technical team explore more on this application.

Vickers Oils started trading in 1828 in Leeds, UK and remains a private, independent company now led by the 5th and 6th generation of the family. With almost 200 years of industry experience and wealth of knowledge in lubricants for fibre processing, knitting oils and Marine EALs, Vickers Oils enjoys a worldwide reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier of high performance, speciality lubricants in Marine, textile and Food Grade sectors with customers in over 60 countries.

For more information on our Textile range, email us at inbox@vickers-oil.com.


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