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Mineral based spin finish fibre lubricant for continuous filament acetate yarn

  • Low fibre and metal frictional properties appropriate to acetate warp yarns
  • Excellent anti-static properties to the fibre due to a specific anti-static booster
  • Good control during processingSelf emulsifiable in water and can be readily removed from acetate yarns or fabrics by scouring
  • Formulated to give low foam propensity in the size bath
  • Designed to form an unstable emulsion in size solution, separating onto the surface of the solution for subsequent removal, enabling the size solution to be re-used.  
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Spin finish to assist production and processing of acetate yarn.
Suitable for lubrication of warp weaving yarns and yarns intended for knitting.

 It is recommended to be used neat as supplied.
An application level of 2% to 4% oil on the weight of the yarn being recommended.

The oil is suitable for application using lick roller, discs or metered systems.

ColourClear Yellow Fluid
Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt)Approx. 53
Density @ 15°C (kg/l)Approx. 0.885
Cloud Point °C< 0
Flash Point (SETA) (°C)> 130
Ionic CharacterAnionic
Active Content100
Shelf Life7 years in original container stored out of direct sunlight

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available to customers

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