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Mineral based lubricant for synthetic nylon & polyester continuous filament yarns

  • Imparts low friction to the yarns.  
  • Specially formulated to give very even friction, reducing tension variations in winding and knitting.  
  • Gives improved knitting with fewer faults.
  • Anti-static when applied in the recommend amounts
  • Readily removed from synthetic yarns or fabrics after scouring
  • The use of high temperature (i.e. greater than 60°C) is not necessary 
  • Dry cleaning is suitable as an alternative to aqueous scouring
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

 Used for lubrication of synthetic continuous filament yarns especially textured yarn intended for knitting but also for flat yarns.

Specially designed to give good pick up by roller and trough, permitting the use of slow roller speeds, a feature which helps to reducer oil splashing which can be troublesome in high speed cone winding.

The oil is suitable for application using by roller and trough in cone winding or on the texturising machines where suitable oiling equipment is fitted

An application level of 2% to 4% oil on the weight of the yarn being recommended. Some users prefer up to 5% on dyed polyester textured yarns.

Solutions of ELECTOL are simply prepared by stirring the product into water at normal room temperature

ColourPale Yellow
Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt)Approx. 13.5
Density @ 15°C (kg/l)Approx. 0.860
Cloud Point °C< 0
Flash Point (SETA) (°C)> 132
Ionic CharacterAnionic
Shelf Life7 years in original container stored out of direct sunlight

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available to customers

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