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High quality, easily scourable, self-emulsifiable mineral based needle lubricant, ISO 32, used for large diameter circular knitting machines including electronic machines.

  • Based on high quality, highly refined mineral oils 
  • Excellent stability
  • Resisting oxidation and breakdown of the oil even at prolonged high operating temperatures
  • High standard of anti-wear performance 
  • Non-corrosive to the metals normally used for textile machinery
  • Good cold starting performance
  • Clean running of machines, minimising the build-up of fibre lint or swarf deposits.
  • Self-emulsifiable in water and exhibits a very high level of scourability from knitted fabrics
  • Compatible with plastic & electronic components

SPOTLESS NX technology has been tested by DuPont laboratories and has been found to be compatible with Lycra.  

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Suitable for lubricating: –

  • Needles, sinkers and cams of large diameter circular knitting machines including electronic machines.
  • Flat Bed knitting machines where an ISO VG 15 lubricant is specified.
  • Machines knitting elastane fabrics, cotton or cotton / synthetic or 100% synthetic fabrics where the fabric will receive an aqueous scour.
  • Suitable for production of elastane fabrics which may be pre-scoured or pre-set
  • Formulated to have good compatibility with the rubber seals, plastic and electronic components that may be incorporated in modern machinery.

Suitable for application using the automatic oiling units   commonly fitted to knitting machines.              

It is recommended that the machine manufacturers’ guidelines are followed with   regard to the oil application rates.

ColourColourless to Pale Yellow
Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt)Approx. 32 (ISO 32)
Density @ 15°C (kg/l)Approx. 0.854
Cloud Point (°C)< 0
Flash Point (SETA) (°C)> 130
Ionic CharacterNon-ionic / Cationic
EmulsifiabilitySelf-emulsifiable in water
Shelf Life7 years in original container stored out of direct sunlight

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available to customers

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