Part no: 60497

A high performance, food grade, fast acting, non-residue solvent cleaner spray. It is registered to K2 for spray solvent cleaners in nonfood processing areas for use in and around food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing sites.

  • NSF K2 Registered
  • Safe to use on electrical components in non-processing areas
  • Removes most grease dirt and grime
  • Residue free
  • No extra processes to clean off
NSF Certificate
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

A multi-purpose solvent cleaner for use in workshops and non processing areas in the wider food industry. It removes grime, dirt, greases from all surfaces including electrical panels and instruments, motors, stators and switches.

Applications include: –

  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Electric panels
  • Motors and components
  • Most plastics
Base TypeSolvent
PropellantPropane / Butane
Shelf Life1 year in original sealed containers whilst stored out of direct sunlight

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available to customers

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