Food Grade Chain Lubricants

We have developed an extensive product range so that you can be sure to find the right lubricant for your requirement.

Our specialised, high quality chain oils are formulated to help improve cleanliness and efficiency of your machinery, to reduce running costs and increase the operating life of your machinery.

Chain drives and conveyors will perform better and last longer with timely and adequate lubrication. Proper lubrication of your chains can extend their operating life by as much as 100%. Without adequate lubrication your chains can fail or increase friction, which can create a dangerous temperature rise and also increase your power consumption.

For extreme high or low temperatures our synthetic range VICKERLUBE FGS provides excellent stability for temperatures from -50 degrees C to +260 degrees C

Our chain oils are all H1 registered for incidental contact with foodstuffs and Halal and Kosher certified.

Chain Applications

Overhead ChainsRoller ChainsVICKERLUBE FG CHAIN OIL 100Adhesive non drip
Spiral Chiller and freezerDrive chainsVICKERLUBE FGS FLUID 46High load and wear resistance
Ovens and CookersHigh temperature chainsVICKERLUBE FGS HT CHAIN OIL 220High temperature resistance
General EquipmentDrive and roller chainsVICKERLUBE FG CHAIN OIL 100Humidity and wear resistance

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