Food Grade Lubricants

Innovative high performance solutions for food grade applications

High performance speciality lubricants satisfy the highest safety requirements for your peace of mind.

Explore our comprehensive range of H1 and 3H registered lubricants and greases for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Our food grade lubricants are H1 registered to provide you with assurance of food safety. VICKERLUBE FG is expected to improve cleanliness and efficiency, significantly reducing running costs and increasing the operating life of your machinery.

Our food grade range is Kosher and Halal certified to ensure our lubricants meet the strict religious and legal food requirements of the Muslim and Jewish faith requirements.

Bearing Lubrication

General EquipmentAmbient temperature – DryVICKERLUBE FG EP GREASE 2High wear resistance
General EquipmentCentral Lubrication SystemsVICKERLUBE FG EP GREASE 000High wear resistance
General EquipmentHigh Temperature BearingsVICKERLUBE FGS EP GREASE 2Extreme temperature resistance
Direct Food ContactBearingsVICKERLUBE FG 3HDC GREASE 23H direct contact registered
General EquipmentWet ApplicationsVICKERLUBE FG HLW GREASE 2Waterproof
General EquipmentHigh Load ApplicationsVICKERLUBE FG HLW GREASE 2High load carrying properties
General EquipmentFreezer and low temperature bearingsVICKERLUBE FGS LT GREASE 1Low temperature resistance
General EquipmentHigh speed bearingsVICKERLUBE FGS LT GREASE 1Excellent high speed properties
General equipmentBearingsVICKERLUBE FGS GREASE SPRAYExcellent anti wear, high temperature resistance
General equipmentPlain bearingsVICKERLUBE FG HLW GREASE 2High load resistance

Chain Lubrication

Overhead ChainsRoller ChainsVICKERLUBE FG CHAIN OIL 100Adhesive non drip
Chiller and freezerDrive chainsVICKERLUBE FG FLUID 46High load and wear resistance
Ovens and CookersHigh temperature chainsVICKERLUBE FGS HT CHAIN OIL 220High temperature resistance
General EquipmentDrive and roller chainsVICKERLUBE FG CHAIN OIL 100Humidity and wear resistance
General equipmentChains and drivesVICKERLUBE FGS CHAIN SPRAYHigh temperature and load resistance

Gear Lubrication

In-line gear boxGear Boxes – Ambient temperaturesVICKERLUBE FG GEAR OIL 220 / 320High load resistance
Worm and wheel gear boxGear Boxes – Ambient temperaturesVICKERLUBE FG GEAR OIL 460High load resistance
Oven and cooker gear boxGear Boxes – High temperaturesVICKERLUBE FGS GEAR OIL 150 / 220 / 320High temperature resistance
Chiller EquipmentGear Boxes – Low temperatureVICKERLUBE FGS GEAR OIL 150 / 220 / 320Low temperature Fluidity
Freezer EquipmentGear Boxes – Extreme Low temperatureVICKERLUBE FGS FLUID 32 / 4668Extreme Low temperature Fluidity
Open GearsGear Teeth and Rack and PinionVICKERLUBE FG MULTI-TAKExcellent adhesion, high load resistance

Hydraulic & Compressor Lubrication

Hydraulic SystemsReservoirsVICKERLUBE FG FLUID 32 / 46 / 68High wear resistance
Hydraulic SystemsReservoirs – Extreme temperatureVICKERLUBE FGS FLUID 32 / 4668Extreme long life
Airline lubricatorsReservoirsVICKERLUBE FG FLUID 32Prevents stick slip and corrosion
Vacuum CompressorsReservoirsVICKERLUBE FG FLUID 46High wear resistance, low carry over
CompressorsReservoirsVICKERLUBE FGS FLUID 32 / 4668Extreme long life

Speciality & General Maintenance Lubrication

Direct food contact EquipmentBladesVICKERLUBE FG 3H DIVIDER OIL3H direct contact registered
Direct food contact EquipmentCorrosion protectionVICKERLUBE FG 3H DIVIDER OILCorrosion resistance
General EquipmentPlain bearingsVICKERLUBE FG HLW GREASE 2High load resistance
General EquipmentSlides and GuidesVICKERLUBE FG MULTI-TAKExcellent adhesion, high load resistance
Conveyor guides / wear stripsSlides, guides, cams and followersVICKERLUBE FG MULTI-TAKExcellent adhesion and chemical resistance
General EquipmentThreads / anti-seize and assembly aidVICKERLUBE FG MULTI-TAKHigh load and chemical resistance
General equipmentSlides, guides, schutes, rods and pivots, wear stripsVICKERLUBE FG DRY PTFE SPRAYNon stick dry film lubricant
General equipmentSlides, guides, schutes, rods and pivotsVICKERLUBE FGS SIL SPRAYWet film, high temperature resistance
General equipmentThreads, water displacingVICKERLUBE FG WD SPRAYWater displacing, high wear resistance
General equipmentCams and follower, pinsVICKERLUBE FGS GREASE SPRAYExcellent anti wear, high temperature resistance
All equipmentCleaning and degreasingVICKERLUBE CLEANER SPRAYNon residue, fast acting cleaner for workshop use

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