Industrial Gear Oils

The BIOGEAR XP range

BIOGEAR XP is a range of Environmentally Acceptable Gear Lubricants delivering superior anti-wear, EP and oxidation protection even under severe conditions. They meet the requirements of DIN 51517 part 3.

Our range of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) for this application are based on fully saturated synthetic esters and meet the detailed ecological definitions and requirements laid down in Vessel General Permit (VGP).


Ecolabel Fully Saturated High EP Non-Emulsifiable Gear Oil ISO 460

Part no. 15564


Ecolabel Fully Saturated High EP Non-Emulsifiable Gear Oil ISO 220

Part no. 15280


Ecolabel Fully Saturated High EP Non-Emulsifiable Gear Oil ISO 320

Part no. 15392


VICKERLUBE SYNGEAR is a range of high-performance gear oils formulated to give outstanding extreme pressure (EP) and load carrying capability. The range has been designed for use in all types of enclosed gears including heavily loaded / shock-loaded gears and bearings. The use of synthetic base oils provides an inherently high Viscosity Index (VI) and low pour point making these products suitable for use over a wide temperature range. 


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