Corrosion Prevention Lubricants

Why use Corrosion Prevention lubricants:

Using a corrosion prevention lubricant can provide:

  • Longer relubrication intervals.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to minimised wear.
  • Effective protection against different corrosive mediums.
  • Less damage during assembly and disassembly due to easier handling.

When to use Corrosion Prevention lubricants:

  • Before storage of components and equipment that have bare metal surfaces and are defined as critical spares.
  • Before further assembly or processing of finished metallic parts (engines, gearboxes, bearings, and other closed systems), example during shipping or whilst in use.
  • When parts need to be protected after machining.
  • When equipment may come in contact with other metals, paint, plastics, or rubber seals as part of an assembly.
  • When parts need to be dewatered or dried to remove the water miscible coolant.

Where to use Corrosion Prevention lubricants

The different uses and applications where temporary protection can be achieved by using the VICKERLUBE performance products include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Steel and coated steel strip.
  • Steel profiles, sections, and tubes.
  • Aluminium or other alloy strip and sections.
  • Machined / Machinery parts and components either as finished items or for later assembly.
  • Tools and machine tools used whilst manufacturing (including food processing), storage and supply.
  • Fasteners such as screws, rivets, bolts, etc.
  • Automotive components and sub-components.
  • Electrical parts and assemblies.
  • Agricultural, Construction and off-highway equipment.
  • Metal tanks, valves, and lines.
  • Vehicles, machinery, or equipment protection during shipment.
  • Assemblies of equipment, moth-balled for long or  short periods.
  • High-cost repairable spares such as gearboxes, final drives and fuel tanks. 

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