Sustainability for Vickers Oils 

We seek to plan and invest generationally: decisions are taken for the long term 


Our approach to sustainability, based on the UN Bruntland Commission’s definition (1987), emphasises culture and behaviour as much as compliance with regulations and best practices.
Vickers Oils Established 1828
Established in 1828, Vickers Oils has been an independent formulator and manufacturer of specialty industrial lubricants for almost 200 years. 
As a family owned, long established business, with governance in the hands of the 6th and 7th generation, we think about long-term survival: which is another way of expressing “sustainability”, whether for a company, a species, or our planet.
We’re committed to our home city of Leeds, UK. We are based on a site acquired by the 2nd generation, almost 150 years ago and have regularly developed and adapted the site . From here, we run a global business exporting all over the world. 
Trust is foundation for innovation and sustainability. By “doing what we say and saying what we mean,”- acting honestly, acknowledging, and learning from mistakes, and treating others as you want to be treated, we build long-term relationships of trust and openness with customers, suppliers, and employees, creating a culture that fosters innovation and sustainability throughout our supply chain.
The importance of achieving environmental sustainability is critical for all of us. However, in order to ensure continued long-term success, sustainability, we must embrace change and innovation. As a result, our path forward involves a fusion of sustainability and innovation – as it has for all our previous generations. 

Trusted for Generations

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Service & Support

30% of our workforce are employed in the technical team, focusing on Quality Control, R&D, OEM liaison and Technical Service allowing us to provide one-on-one dedicated customer support by our team of highly qualified experts. 

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