The year 2020 ended with a productive drive

‘Vickers Food Bank Drive’, started by a group of employees, encouraged all staff at Vickers Oils in December to contribute to the local food banks by donating at local supermarket collection points, directly at local food banks, or making online cash donations.

Cash donations from employees were matched by the company resulting in an outstanding amount being donated to the local food banks in the run-up to Christmas. Not only this, but the annual Supplier Donations were also pledged to the South and East Leeds foodbank and their volunteers.

Research carried out on behalf of The Trussell Trust, one of the UK’s largest food bank providers, estimated that there has been a 61% increase in the need for and usage of local food banks since the start of the pandemic. Food bank volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure all referrals received a food parcel in time for Christmas.  Vickers Oils and its employees were pleased to be able to make a small contribution to achieving that goal in 2020.

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