Vickers Oils appoint Nick Clague as the new Technical Director

Vickers Oils are pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Clague as the new Technical Director.

Nick Clague succeeds Chris Wholley who took over the position of managing director at Vickers Oils earlier this year.

With over 20 years of experience, Nick has worked on developing industrial additives including, heavy duty diesel additives and has extensive experience working as a global technical manager for base oils. He holds a PhD in detergent additives for use in marine fuels and engine oil applications.

Outside of work, Nick has a keen interest in rugby and Formula 1 and enjoys cycling with his son.

Vickers Oils has a long-established reputation for excellence and its commitment to the principles of continuous product development and finest quality, backed by five generations of expertise and technical knowledge.

Nick with his technical competency, understanding of research and development and commitment to quality and improvement is a great addition to the team.

Manufacturing textile lubricants since 1828, Vickers Oils expanded into the Marine sector in the late 1800s and launched the world’s first biodegradable sterntube oil, HYDROX BIO, in 2002. With a commitment to ethical practice, the main focus of the company is the continued development of its award-winning Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant range into new and existing markets.


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