Vickers reaches OEM agreement with Busi Giovanni, Italy

Vickers Oils are delighted to announce that we have reached an OEM agreement with Busi Giovanni, who are now recommending our VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 needle oil.

Starting in 1958 BUSI now have over 60 years of experience in the design and production of single-cylinder machines with needles in the dial for the production of stockings, socks and tights. BUSI machines are recognised worldwide for their undisputed top quality and extreme reliability. Today, as always, they have never compromised on quality, thereby positioning BUSI in the Premium market segment with their maingoal to serve the most demanding customers worldwide that want to make unique socks.

Working with our trusted Italian partner, Lubrogamma we are proud to be in partnership with BUSI.

Lubrogamma have been focusing on the distribution of industrial lubricants and special greases to the Italian market since 1973. They have been associated with Vickers Oils for over 20 years and while working closely, together they have managed to establish a market for Vickers Oils lubricants in the Italian textile industry.

VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 is a high-quality needle oil designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern sock knitting machine technology. The oil offers optimum lubrication and oil film thickness and its inherent stability offers outstanding performance in both boundary and mixed friction areas of the knitting elements.  

Mr Riccardo Rizzotto of Lubrogamma confirms that “The use of VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 has contributed to a reduction in wear and deposit formation in the needle grooves and stitch-forming elements. In addition, the oils’ ability to keep the cylinder and needles running extremely clean has helped customers to ensure trouble free running and extended needle life.”

The well-balanced additive system in VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 means that it is fully compatible with all machine components. It can also be used with any yarn type including elastane, to produce the highest quality goods. The oil is also suitable for all processing and finishing routes ensuring the customer has the flexibility necessary in today’s market.

As well as being committed to operate to the highest standards of product quality and customer service, Vickers Oils are committed to sustainable development and as such VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 meets the clearly defined criteria set out by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).”

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