When Vicki Samuels and her husband purchased the Britannia sailing ship in 1973 there was an unopened tin of NEOX DT on board which they used over many years on various applications.  Vicki contacted Vickers Oils as they had used all the grease and were seeking replacement and said 

“We found a tin of Vickers NEOX underwater grease on board, and we used it throughout the decades that we owned Britannia.  We used it for greasing the prop shaft, greasing the standing rigging and when we had her out of the water in Bristol docks in 1979, used it to grease new fastenings in the hull planking.   Now that we are restoring her again and some planks are being renewed, the fastenings are as good as new, thanks to your grease!”

Britannia is a beautiful 106-year-old traditional sailing boat, presently undergoing a major refit in Winkleigh, Devon and now owned by the Britannia Sailing Trust.

The grease has been used for numerable tasks over the years, including greasing the wire rope of the standing rigging, greasing the propellor shaft and greasing bolts used for replacing the rudder.  Vicki went on the say

“These bolts have just been driven out again after 40 years and came out easily as they had been smeared with Vickers NEOX DT in the first place. The tin has travelled with the ship around Britain, Ireland, France and crossed the Atlantic to the Canaries and back.  And it took us almost 50 years to use it all up!!” 

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