And the story continues….

Last month we shared a story of how a goodwill gesture helped a customer in need in these crucial times. Read the story here (‘People matter’ lies at the heart of Vickers Oils).

Today we are sharing the customer’s side of this story!

“We are setting up a very small-scale alpaca-fibre carding plant. As part of our research, we were trying to find a suitable conditioning oil to be applied to the “opened” alpaca fibre. This is needed in order to prevent static charges in the fibre interfering with the subsequent carding process. After searching endlessly online and sending out numerous communications to textiles companies and cottage-scale fibre carding businesses, we were feeling frustrated. We received no replies. It looked like our small-scale carding operation would need to experiment with home-made salad-oil-type conditioning oils. 

Then I discovered that Vickers Oils not only sells lubricants for the textile industry but also has an agent company in Australia ( Maytex Machinery Group Pty. Ltd.) – so I reached out to them. We were impressed by the prompt response. But then we were “blown away” by a generous offer by Marvin Krause, Customer Service (Export Sales) at Vickers Oils, to provide us with a sample of your fibre-carding lubricant! Just 48hours after receiving the generous offer by email, ~10L of YARNOL was delivered from the UK to our office door in Branxholm, Tasmania. How was this even possible? It’s been taking up to three weeks to receive a 200g item from Melbourne using our local postal services!

This is really some much-needed good news during this time of World Pandemic. Our tourism business has had to close, but now we have another project to keep us busy. Focusing on something positive and productive is the best cure for the stay-at-home despondency! We are looking forward to processing the fibre from our small herd of alpacas into a useful product that spinners, weavers and knitters can enjoy. I have had a test run with the emulsified YARNOL FF and was pleasantly surprised by how well it mixes. I need to do some more “experiments” to discover the best method of application.”

Thank you, Christine Booth, Tin Dragon Cottages, Branxholm, Tasmania, for such wonderful feedback. We look forward to seeing the results of YARNOL FF oil performance on alpaca fibre.

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