Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of HYDROX 21


Renowned as ‘First Aid for sterntubes’, Vickers’ HYDROX 21 was launched in 1971 for use where vessels require emergency assistance in reducing oil leakage past a damaged sterntube aft seal.

HYDROX 21 has been used in (tens of) thousands of vessels, typically reducing the rate of leakage by around 70%, while yet providing an excellent lubrication for the bearing, in both neat and emulsion forms.

Another advantage of HYDROX 21  is its compatibility with most engine oils commonly used in the sterntube therefore making it one of the most widely used lubricants in the market.

Almost thirty years ago Vickers pioneered the development of “environmentally acceptable lubricants” (EALS) for the marine industry.  One of their range is HYDROX BIO 220 which is best seen as a biodegradable version of HYDROX 21.  Between the two products, hundreds of vessels each year continue to rely of Vickers’ sterntube oils for emergency assistance in case of outboard oil leakage.

Vickers Oils started trading in 1828 in Leeds, UK and remains a private, independent company now led by the 5th and 6th generation of the family. With almost 200 years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge in lubricants for Marine, Textile and Food Grade applications, Vickers Oils enjoys a worldwide reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier of high performance, speciality lubricants with customers in over 60 countries.



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